Monday, February 11, 2013

Unlocking Solutions for iPhone

Unlocked iPhone
An iPhone can function better if the owner has the full control of it. iPhones are usually locked with a service provider making it hard to manipulate services. Some service providers are even strict and costly. It made an iPhone experience not maximized in a way it is expected to be. Because of this some service providers offer unlocking solutions.

Before you go for the top effective unlocking solutions, you have to understand that there are already factory unlocked iPhones. It is manufactured with a removal GSM card that you can replace anytime you want so there is no need to unlock it. However, when you have an unlocked iPhone you can opt to any of these methods of unlocking an iPhone.

Unlocking Solutions:

Downloadable Software- There are many free downloadable softwares that will help you unlock an iPhone. "iUnlock” developed by iPhone Dev Team has been widely spread online for 100% free. The software ensures that your iPhone will be unlocked forever allowing you to use other Sim Cards. It is not a hardware unlock so it will not need opening of the iPhone. There are other downloadable software that has been developed by iPhoneSIMfree and UniquePhones. However, using a downloadable free software can be dangerous and risky. There are some software that will pose damage to the operating system of the iPhone. Also, this type of unlocking solution often don't guarantee that your iPhone will be unlocked for good or any specifications that it will function as an unlocked iPhone.

Sim Software- Unlocking Solution for an iPhone is always safe when you bought it. Sim software is fast and easy solutions that you can buy in the internet. They will be sending you a software wherein you will just follow some instructions to unlock your iPhone. It is deemed safe because the software will be intended for your use only.

Third party services- Some services offer unlocking solution at their end. It is provided by third party services that will allow you to jailbreak your iPhone and can use other service providers. Just by giving your IMEI code, you can have your iPhone unlocked at their end. The main advantage is that it offers guarantee, fast and easy solution for unlocking our iPhone. Some services even provide Bulk unlocks for families with many iPhones.

An unlocked iPhone is better than locked one because you can have flexibility of usage. It will also allow you to upgrade and download some applications and extensions that are not affiliated with Apple. It will create a better user experience and will allow you to use it anyway you want. However, when choosing an unlocking solution you must be careful. There are some drawbacks for choosing a solution and there are considerations that you have to think about. Always understand the long term effect of unlocking an iPhone because really, the phone costs a lot.

Before you choose an iPhone unlocking solution, you must make sure what attributes or functions of the iPhone will be affected and what more opportunities it can provide you. Next post will be about What you can do to an unlocked iPhone aside from breaking the tie with a service provider?

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  1. Unlocking in this sense means breaking the lock on your SIM card and lets you use your iPhone with not just carriers that are approved by Apple, but with whichever network you prefer.

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  2. Well ! I agree with you thefoneshop . SIM unlocking refers to network or subsidy unlocking.Network providers can use the capability to restrict the use of the phones to specific countries and network providers. To overcome this problem, SIM unlocking process is required. Once, the SIM is locked to any specific network then, we need to unlock it via code or any software. Usually, the unlocking service will provide by the network provider to unlock from the locked carrier. But,they may ask us to wait for a stipulated period. Most of them don't want to wait for a certain period given by their network provider. So,that they will contact the third-party service providers like who provides Remote unlocking service to unlock iPhone quickly .

  3. What if I have an Softbank Japan iPhone 5?